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Inflatable tent

Inflatable tent for outdoor camping, thickened and rainproof portable


318×200×200/110CM   (6.3)

240×200×185/60CM   (4.8)

Color: golden color like sand

Pacakage: 420D fabric storage bag, size: 80×40×40CM70×40×45CM

Inflatable column: main material is PVC COATED fabric, diameter of it is 100MM/ 150MM, with air supply nozzle, and exhaust valve.

Tent material: 420D fabric ( water pressure up to 3000MM, waterproof PU treatment)

Skylight: High polymer transparent pvc film.

Window screen: polyester fibre.

The material on the ground: PVC knife scraping fabric. ( water pressure up to 8000MM)

The stitch line is with water proof strip.

Parts:  1PC of high pressure pump, 1 set of nail, 1 set of remedial spare material. 


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