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Sewn flexible ducting

Sewn ducting can be manufactured by PVC laminated fabric, coated fabric. Coated oxford fabric.

This kind of ducting is base on the normal air ducting, using special sewing mechine, sewing high-strength thread on the both sides of wear-strip.

The coated fabric sewn ducting is different from normal ducting, the main material is wire steel, coated fabric, but with a nylon fabric. The nylon fabric is instead of the PVC wear-strip to wrap the wire steel and be the skeleton of ducting. It is also waterproof, and heat resistant.

The oxford coated fabric sewn ducting is helex elastic ducting, the difference is the material. It is ususally used for heating equipment, and work with the heat fan.

The PVC laminated fabric sewn ducting is usally use for industrial, indoor and outdoor cooling ventilation system. And the coated fabric sewn ducting and oxford sewn ducting is usually used with the industrial heating system. 


Diameter: 8” to 24(200MM - 600MM)

Length: Customized, standard length is 5M, 10M

Temperature range: -15 degree to 85 degree

Packing: with PP transparent bag and carton.

The grade of fire retardant: B1, NFPA 701, UL94V0


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