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Ducting with storage bag

The main material of this kind of ducting is wire steel, flame-retardant PVC laminated fbaric and PVC wear-resitant strip. The skeleton of ducting is the wire steel wrapped with strip. The main body of it is PVC laminated fabric, and there is metel D ring locked on every meter to hang it on easily.

Type of ducting:

There are four kinds of ducting: positive ducting, negative ducting, helex and elastic positive ducting & soft ducting.

Positive ducting can be used for air supply project, and exhaust air ventilation should use the negative ducting. The helex and elastic ducting is more convinient. After unpacking, it is openned automatically. Soft ducting is usually used for underground project, metro project and mining, etc.


Thickness: 0.28MM - 0.60MM

Diameter: 6” to 60(150MM - 1500MM)

Length: Customized, standard length is 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M

Temperature range: -15 degree to 85 degree

Packing: with PP transparent bag and carton.

The grade of fire retardant: B1, NFPA 701, UL94V0


Features: Telescopic bending, free connection, lightweight, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, and flame retardant (automatically extinguished within three seconds after leaving the flame).
Place of use: It is widely used in conjunction with ventilation equipment for air supply, exhaust, and dust collection in harsh working environments such as computer rooms, basements, municipal pipeline engineering, underground engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, fire rescue and smoke exhaust. It is also a must-have choice for portable exhaust fans!


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