Stripe color laminated fabric

PVC laminated fabric is a combination. The main material is PVC film and Polyester fabric, light weight, high strengh, durable, excellent softness, bright color, firmness of color is good. Its main function is to block the sunshine and rain, decorate the buildings. Change the outward apprearance of buildings throught various outdoor designs to improve the overall visual effect.

Normal Size:

Weight: 310GSM - 750GSM

Width: 1.20M - 4.02M

Thickness: 0.30MM - 0.80MM

Color:  Plain & Stripe.

Packing: Paper roll inside and wrapped in brown paper outside.

MOQ: 2000M per color

Other Customized Requirement: Fire retardant, UV resistance, midrew resistance, etc.

Performance and physical properties:
1. Good adhesion,soft handle, strong composite fastness, waterproof and other characteristics.
2. Excellent weather resistance and aging resistance,durable, and strong chemical corrosion resistance.
2. Fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static;
3. Excellent tensileretardant, tear resistance, and peel resistance;
4. Operating temperature: -15 ° C -70 ° C

Scope of application: sports venues, membrane structures, parking awnings, holiday celebrations, bus platforms, wilderness exploration camping, private gatherings, outdoor activities, golf venues, recreational facilities for tourist attractions, carriage tarpaulins,civilian tent, housing construction, rain and sun shading, wind turbine blade tents, etc.


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